Inventi’s core activities

  • Commercial auditing
  • Sales and sales management training
  • Commercial profile recruitment
  • Sales tools creation

"A commercial audit compares a sales organisation’s existing operations with the ideal the company has in mind."

A performance analysis of the sales approach and strategy will show the way to a more effective and efficient sales organisation.

Inventi has developed a specific method to chart this comparison. Field exploration involving sales staff, discussions with the management and sales representatives, interviews with customers and attendance at sales meetings provide the information required to give the audit the necessary substance.

The overall exercise generates an analysis of strengths and weaknesses and promotes forward thinking amongst employees and throughout the company.

"The strength of the Inventi training method lies in the fact that it provides sales staff with insights, strategies, tactics and techniques that can be employed at each stage of the sales process."

The process of generating new customers starts with the selection of useful addresses, making telephone appointments, preparing for the initial visit, the different phases of the discussion, the actual sale, and finally the order and aftercare.

Inventi suggests tactics and strategies on how to progress from an initial order to a long term customer relationship.

Inventi sales management training focuses primarily on the art of field coaching and optimisation of meeting strategies.

A tailored commercial approach is always based on the principles of the overall philosophy of the sales process. Inventi also offers open training sessions, lasting several days, for sales staff and managers.

"We not only indentify the candidate's character and skills, but we also assess his or her long-term potential."

The key aspect during a selection procedure is that candidates actually manage to complete their tasks successfully and feel at ease within the organisation.

The candidate’s flexibility and adaptability to integrate into their new working environment is the most significant aspect. Inventi also investigates whether the candidate’s profile matches the company’s corporate culture, sales and sales management strategies and vision for the future. The extent to which the candidate is ‘coachable’, is a key factor in this process.

Setting up satisfactory agreements, in terms of both training and remuneration, is of crucial importance when selecting the right candidate. The way in which the candidate is introduced to the company makes all the difference.

"Visual sales tools make a significant contribution when it comes to introducing a common and compelling sales approach."

“Each argument can be substantiated with a narrative and each narrative can be backed by an image.”

Inventi’s expertise lies in the creation of images that support the sales process. Inventi’s graphics department supports marketing initiatives such as the creation of house styles, sales presentations and corporate brochures, and provides advice on the development of websites and marketing campaigns. It also develops media campaigns specifically focused on commercial profile recruitment.

Within this extremely professional, contemporary and inspirational environment, the customer, consultant and graphics technician adopt a team based approach in order to develop appropriate visual tools.